First game started fast with Team Joe getting a quick goal on Justin in the first minute. Game was close for the first period but Team Russ (without Russ) kept the pressure on and pulled away for a decisive victory Team Russ 13 – Team Joe 6.

In the second game Team Juniors got to Justin early as well scoring an unheard of 5 goals in the first period. Team Blair fought back to pull ahead in the second by a couple of goals but couldn’t hold on against a relentless Team Junior. Even with Justin standing on his head (again!) to make saves, 3rd period goals by Ashmore and Fairweather got it close and then tied it up very late in the game. Time ran out with the final result – Team Blair 10 – Team Juniors 10.

Both games were fast and clean – have to tell the scouts to stay away until the playoffs!

Speaking of the playoffs – only 6 games to go until the semis! The goalies have been thinking (always a bad sign) and discussing the best way to balance the playoffs. As is, any team that has Justin playing for them appears to have a 4-5 goal advantage so the thought is (for playoffs only) to have the goalies change at the mid game mark.The team with the highest regular season points total will get to choose which goalie they want to start with (ooooo! more thinking involved) and then, midway in the 2nd period, at the closest whistle/stoppage in play after the 10:00 min mark, goalies will switch ends/teams for the rest of the game. This should make playing for the coveted LondonMastersHouseLeagueMemorialBraggingRightsUsedBallofTapeTrophy(tm)  more dependent on the players’ scoring and defensive abilities (what COULD go wrong). Comments or suggested modifications are always welcome.

Next is Week #11 – July 9, 2014

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Joe     8:00pm

Team Blair  vs.  Team Russ     9:15pm

See you next week.