House League starting this week!

Well – my communications has been less than stellar and apologies for that – been one of those winters for me and I, for one have been looking to get on the floor to shake those winter pounds and stress away – the great weather of this past weekend had me getting the stick out!

As per last note below – we are still on for Wed night at 8pm – I would guess the first 30min will be people trying to figure out which end is up with their stick and the boards…

We should have 2 goalies ( thanks Shawn! )

We are going with the ‘free form’ this week and next, while we get arms around numbers..

We are past the numbers from last year – but a fair bit short of getting a 4 team effort on the floor – according to the survey numbers

We have many people who have signed up on the survey below – and I thank you for that!

If you haven’t filled out the survey – please consider scrolling down and doing that right now!

We have also had several people send EMTs and ( 2 of you with actual cash.. ) and that is also appreciated!

I will be getting receipts out as to those who have requested such – and acknowledgement of those deposits as well via EMT – tonight – if you don’t get an acknowledgement and believe you have sent the funds, definitely let me know

If you haven’t transferred – please do so to the email below – city is wanting payments..

I have been juggling email lists and have tried to edit/update contact information, and have removed those that have moved on and so forth – I may still have duplicates, or if I have missed you or you are still on this list and do not wish to be – please let me know

Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the floor!