Hello London Masters Lacrosse Members!

Happy New Year! 🎉 I trust you all had a fantastic holiday season filled with joy and quality time with loved ones. As we step into 2024, I wanted to reach out and share my enthusiasm for the upcoming lacrosse season.

Firstly, let me confess that my resolutions are a mixed bag – I’ve successfully kicked my coffee habit, but the resolution to enhance communication about lacrosse is a work in progress. Your support and engagement will be instrumental in achieving this goal.

Reflecting on 2023:

Looking back at 2023, it’s clear that London Masters Lacrosse had its highs and lows. I, for one, am eager to turn the page and make 2024 a stellar year for lacrosse. While I had plans to play in the Masters tournament this weekend in St Catharines, a calf injury from the provincials is still a tender subject. Nonetheless, the excitement for the upcoming season keeps me optimistic.

League Resolutions for 2024:

This year, I aim to maintain a full season and resurrect our competitive team. Achieving these goals requires understanding your needs and preferences. To gather your input, I’ve created a survey (below) that covers aspects like house league logistics, attendance, goaltending, and the revival of the competitive team.

House League Highlights:

  • We’re aiming for the same run with potential improvements based on your feedback.
  • Kinsmen is set to open from May 13th, offering us 17 weeks of lacrosse.
  • Your thoughts on attendance and goaltending challenges from last year are invaluable. Please share your insights in the survey.

Competitive/Travel Team Resurgence:

  • Last year’s cancellation was a setback, but I’m hopeful about resurrecting the team. Having had a run of 24 years dating back to 1996 – I certainly want to restore the tradition and participation.
  • I am in conversations with other teams that are not likely to be playing this year, with the aim to ensure a solid roster for more engaging games.
  • Commitment is essential, and I appreciate your dedication to making this happen.

Socials and Assistance:

  • I’m seeking assistance in keeping socials updated and managing overhead tasks. If you can contribute, please indicate your interest in the survey.

Survey Link: Microsoft Forms

I’m also open to a get-together in the coming weeks for a face-to-face discussion. Let me know if you’re interested! ( in the survey )

Let’s make 2024 a standout year for lacrosse in London Masters Lacrosse. Your participation and feedback are vital in shaping our success.

Looking forward to hitting the floor together!