Not a bad turnout for the first night on the floor. Benches were a bit full for the first half hourĀ  but no one seemed to be complaining. Ball movement was good, if not exactly precise, and there was a fair bit of back and forth. I’m sure things will tighten up a the weeks go by. As the clock moved past the 30 and 45 minute marks, a few bodies started to wander off the floor to be replaced by additional late comers. Benches never seemed to be overflowing and game speed was impressively fast until half way through the 2nd hour. Around 9:30 the speed and intensity dropped off dramatically. A slow but continuous stream of bodies exited the floor until there were no spares on either of the benches and the game shut down pretty close to 10:00pm. A good first effort.

Some new faces were seen on the floor – Justin Phelps re-created himself as a potent scoring threat, ready to terrorize opposing goaltenders and Trevor Morrell staked his claim as the new (young) franchise goaltender. The old targets….well, at least we survived!

Next week, same time, same location, same game plan. We will try to meet afterwards (at the Alibi) to put together some teams for 2015 – it looks like some key players have yet to sign up this year so some substantial changes may have to be implemented – hard to have Team Joe without Joe, or Team Juniors with 40% of their Junior Masters player missing. If you are planning to play this summer and haven’t signed up yet, make sure you let us know what is happening so we can plan accordingly.

See you all next week.