Toilet Bowl was done, the undercard teams were escorted off the floor and the arena was buzzing for the 2015 Championship game. When everything is on the line, everybody shows up – full teams for both benches – faces that haven’t been seen for weeks or months.

Team Bill was first to draw blood with Brent Yost putting a nice over the shoulder shot into the top corner. Team Bill added another goal while Team Russ struggled with rusty passing and a couple of posts but still scoring a couple of quick goals late in the period – 1st period ending tied at 2. 2nd period was low scoring, stingy defense lacrosse. Team Bill was able to pop in a couple of goals to open up a narrow lead, 4-2 at the end of the 2nd. In the 3rd Team Russ woke up early and popped 2 to tie it up and the war was on. Chances at both ends, stifling defense…classic championship lacrosse. Then Matt Austin, driving across the net, covered and with nothing to shoot at, stopped, spun around and directed a low backhand toward the net. Goal! Up 5-4, Team Bill pressed some more, scoring again,a seeing eye dribbling goal to increase their lead to 2. Could Team Russ come back and continue the 2×2 pattern of alternating goals in this game? The chances were there but the goals didn’t materialize and Team Bill ran out the clock on their 2015 Cinderella season winning with the final score Team Bill 6 – Team Russ 4. Team Bill = Team Sparkle…could be a new nickname!


Worst to champs – 5 wins all year but 2 back to back when it matters the most. In any case Team Bill wins the coveted 2015 LMHLL MemorialBraggingRightsUsedBallOf(3M)Tape Trophy



teambill 2015

LMHLL – parity is not an issue – 4 years, 4 different teams winning the Championship. Team Russ – bridesmaids 3 years running, losers in the final game 3 times since their last Championship in 2012. Next year…..! Vegas odds for 2016 to be posted shortly.

After the cheering and fireworks died down and the complaints about the lack of working showers (AGAIN!), it was off to the Alibi for awards presentations. Awards were delivered, players and teams were appropriately mocked and copious amounts of beer and nachos were consumed. Ron Earnshaw decided to grace us with his charming presence (free food, Ron Earnshaw -coincidence…I think not) and the assembled players were ready to celebrate his impending retirement but unfortunately Ron informed us that he is only retiring from minor lacrosee – Masters still get to enjoy his speedy performance on the floor and his “interesting”  and “unique” interpretations and application of lacrosse rules. WONDERFUL!

Coming up – London Werewolves in the Provincials in 2 weeks – possibly 2015 will be time to make some noise.

Otherwise LMHLL 2016 – 33 weeks and counting!