I guess that for some players, if you are not playing for all the marbles, it isn’t worth showing up. Disappointing turnout for both teams for the Toilet Bowl game – only 7 runners per side. Regardless, for the players that showed up, lots of floor time and one last chance for 2015 glory (or defeat).

As usual the game started slowly with Team Blair(less) getting an early goal and scoring alternating for the remainder of the period – the 1st period ended with Team Blair up by 1, 3-2. The 2nd period was all Ashmore for Team Juniors. First scoring on a deflection off his own player that was called back for a dangerous shot penalty. This must have pissed him off because on a subsequent dangerous shot call against Team Blair, Rob scored on the penalty shot and quickly added a couple more goals of his eventual game total of 5(?) lifting Team Juniors to a 6-5 at the end of the 2nd. But then the momentum shifted…AGAIN. In the 3rd Team Blair came storming back with Matt Vlemmix leading the way with a couple of pinpoint laser goals while Team Juniors were only able to reply with 1. 6 goals from Team Blair and the 2015 Toilet Bowl was in the record books Team Blair 11 – Team Juniors 7.

Team Blair gets some satisfaction from finishing 1st over the regular season with a stellar record and decisively beating the 2nd place team in the playoffs….unfortunately not in the Championship Game though. Second year in a row for Team Blair winning the EveryWinnerHasToGetSomethingChampionOfTheLosersRound Bronze Bobblehead Doll Trophy.

TEAM BLAIR 2015Team Juniors ….what can you say! From champions in 2014 to being flushed in the 2015 Toilet Bowl.


Apparently Sports Radio chatter is all about the disappointing results that these two teams provided in 2015. Fans and team owners are demanding changes –  2016 may have to be a rebuilding year, new strategy, new coaching…new players? Should be an interesting winter!