Tonight! The Finals! For the Hardware! For pride and bragging rights! The last HL floor time for 7 months! It’s why we play the game! (insert additional cliched sports sound bite as appropriate…)

3rd place vs. 4th place and then 1st vs. 2nd…Wait! What? That’s not how it played out? Who didn’t get the memo and follow the instructions? …sigh… Sorry, It’s 1st place Team Blair vs. 2nd place Team Juniors in the Toilet Bowl at 8:00 and then 4th place Team Bill vs. 3rd place Team Russ for the glittering LMHLL Championship at 9:00! (Somebody should talk to these teams to make sure they follow the narrative, how can predictions be made if the teams don’t follow the approved script…)

Tonight Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at Kinsmen Arena

Team Blair (Gord)  vs. Team Juniors (Trevor)     8:00pm – 9:00pm.

Team Russ (Guntis)  vs. Team Bill (Trevor)     9:00pm – 10:00pm.

Who will reign supreme in the Toilet Bowl and who will be relegated to the bedpan to be flushed! Can Team Bill complete their Cinderella story by trading their last place finish for the 2015 Championship or will Team Russ crush their hopes and dreams like a broken glass slipper ( Hmmm, I think the metaphors are starting to get a bit strained here though the thought of Team Bill in Cinderella glass stilettos is strangely …disturbing). Should be exciting, interesting and fun and then everyone is invited to the Alibi Roadhouse afterwards for cold beverages and some gourmet appetizers (well, nachos and wings at a minimum). Awards to be handed out, game stories replayed as they SHOULD have happened and the 2015 season debriefed – what worked well and what could have been done different/better. See you all tonight.