Interesting, not quite the results that I was expecting.

1st game started a bit late – forgetting goalie leg guards at home could end up being a bit painful but luckily, Justin was doing his LMLA Equipment Director stuff in Room #6, so replacement pads were dug out, Gord eventually made it out to the floor and the game was on. It took a while to get going (probably because Team Juniors were a touch more tired after having to walk the extended distance from the other pad’s dressing room… mind games, all part of the plan!) and, typical of the playoffs, the defensive coverage, at both ends, was stifling. Goals were traded and the 1st period ended with Team Russ up by 1, 3-2. In the 2nd it seemed that Team Russ was pressing a bit harder but was  a) unable to hit the net, and b) when a legitimate shot on goal was made, unable to solve Gord. Regardless, both teams popped a couple of goals and the period ended with Team Russ still up by 1, leading 5-4. A one goal lead, probably NOT ENOUGH! In the 3rd, Team Russ scored a couple of goals early to open up a bit of a lead and then held on for dear life. Team Juniors pressed hard, again and again but were unable to break through the defensive wall. Ashmore was determined to make the game close, driving and shooting hard but, uncharacteristically, was unable to seal the deal. Team Juniors were able put in 1 goal (cross crease on a power play?) but couldn’t get any closer. Some questionable calls (or lack thereof) from the refs made it interesting but time ran out with Team Russ punching their ticket to the 2015 Championship game with the final score 7-5. Team Juniors won the regular season series 3-1-1 but were unable to pull it out  when it really mattered.

On to the 2nd game where Team Blair (only 2 losses for the regular season) was up against Team Bill (only 3 wins total). Should be an easy prediction…right? Unfortunately for Team Blair their 2nd loss was last week’s season ender which was also Team Bill’s 3rd win – What is a better predictor – long term average or short term momentum? Trevor was pumped in net for Team Bill, while Gord was warmed up (maybe too warm?) for Team Blair. First period was typical playoff ball – tight checking and low scoring but Matt was able to drive to the net for a late goal to put Team Bill up 1-0 to end the period. In the 2nd the flood gates opened with each team scoring 4. Matt was dominant for Team Bill scoring a couple of pretty goals to keep Team Blair off balance. The 3rd period was war! Jeff W, determined to pick up and drag Team Blair to victory by sheer willpower alone, put a couple of precision low, along the floor shots past Trevor, but, each time Team Bill was able to respond. With time running down, Team Blair pushed harder and harder, even pulling the goalie for an extra attacker but just couldn’t get the equalizer. The refs apparently put their whistles away to let the teams play and things got a bit …heated. In the last minute, a couple of ejections suggestions to take an early shower derailed Team Blair’s momentum and the last seconds ran out with Team Bill controlling the ball. Final score Team Bill 7 – Team Blair 6. As noted in all financial advertising, past performance does not guarantee future results… based on this single data point, lacrosse does seem to be more of a momentum game than one of long term statistics. Who would have predicted…?

An updated Team Blair certificate is now available for printing.


Next week, LMHLL Lacrosse Championship Festival, a showcase for London’s best Old Guy lacrosse

The undercard is for the LMHLL EveryWinnerHasToGetSomethingChampionOfTheLosersRound Bronze Award (Girl’s Lax Bobblehead version) and the marquee matchup is for the LMHLL MemorialBraggingRightsUsedBallOfTape Award. Unfortunately the ultimate prize of the SilverBedpanToiletBowlLoser bedpan trophy is unavailable – it disappeared a couple of years ago when one of the players was unclear on the concept and thought winning the bedpan was a good thing. Probably in a place of honour in a local chop shop or on the wall of a prison cell somewhere in Ontario….sigh…. it was a nice trophy! I may have to do a Google image search for an appropriate photo as a replacement…what COULD go worng?

Next week, LMHLL Championship Festival, Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Kinsmen Arena

TOILET BOWL  Team Blair vs. Team Juniors  8:00pm – 9:00pm

CHAMPIONSHIP  Team Russ vs. Team Bill  9:00pm – 10:00pm.

Bring out the fans, bring your A games and let’s get ready to rumble!

Hopefully the showers will be working again and we can retire to the Awards ceremony to be held afterwards at the Alibi Roadhouse – more details as they become available.