First off, an important correction to last week’s report. It was pointed out that the report on the second game was incorrect. Team Blair had no issues with low bench numbers. They did not need the addition of Big Matt, in fact he was totally unnecessary which is why he left after the 2nd period. Blair with 6 goals and Daryl with 3 would have been more than enough to inflict another loss on Team Jacquie. Probably the goalie switch also had no bearing on the outcome (its always the scorers and never the goalies…. ūüė• ). Guess I have to pay more attention to the games and take better notes….anyway, on to this week’s games.

In the early game Team Blair(less) welcomed the return of Ian G from the injured reserve list and the changes were dramatic. Both teams played a tight defensive game in the first period and went to the intermission tied at 1-1. But…in the 2nd, the floodgates burst and Team Blair(less) dominated, scoring 8 unanswered goals. Lots of fast ball movement, tight passing and precision ball placement……just F^%&^ wonderful for goaltender morale! In the 3rd, Team Dirka was able to shake off their disastrous 2nd period and scored 3 goals to mount a bit of a comeback, but Team Blair just bore down again and scored 3 answering goals to keep the goal spread at 8 – final score Team Blair(less) 12¬† – Team Dirka 4.

In the late game the odds were pretty clear going in – Team Lia should be 4+ goal favorite over a struggling Team Jacquie and the opening minutes seemed to back this up. Mark C stirred the crowd to a fever pitch (and got the doping team all hot and bothered getting their test kits ready) by scoring an unprecedented (for him) natural hat trick to create an early 3 goal lead. Then Dylan added a couple more and the expected Team Lia victory was inevitable….or not. Team Jacquie scored a couple and then another and finally a late period goal and the teams headed to the break with Team Lia up by only 1, 5-4. In the 2nd, some goals were exchanged and Team Lia had the extra marker exiting the 2nd period up 8-6. They might not beat the ProLine point spread but victory still seemed likely. But, in the 3rd, we learn (again) why we play the game. Both teams exchanged a couple goals with Team Jacquie getting a couple more to get close. Heading into the homestretch, Team Jacquie scores to get within 1, then again with about a minute to play to tie it up! Should they just run out the clock and escape with a tie….Hell NO! Heavy pressure at the Team Lia end and Ashmore gets the ball, and, while under heavy defensive pressure directs (what appears to be) an easy underhanded shot to the net – GOALLLLLLLL! Team Jacquie completes the comeback and is up by 1 with 12 seconds left – an extended ball control battle at the faceoff and time runs out for a spectacular come-from-behind win for Team Jacquie 12 over Team Lia 11. Fun game (for the winning team!), lots of scoring (Dylan with 4 goals – to be expected, but Mark C with 5 goals…Really???), lots of excitement…and ProLine ends up having to pay out on the long odds Team Jacquie victory!

Hopefully the reporting is more accurate this week and I didn’t miss noting anyone’s scoring highlights.

On to next week with no roster changes this time around. Week #6, Wednesday June 8, 2016

Team Jacquie  vs.  Team Dirka     8:00pm  Р9:00pm

Team Blair¬† vs.¬† Team Lia¬†¬†¬†¬† 9:00pm¬† –¬† 10:00pm

See you there.