Tonight is Week #6, the end of the 2nd round robin. Will Team Blair stay at the top of the standings (didn’t help them last year!)? Can Team Dirka lift themselves from last place (not that regular season standings are important at all with Team Bill only needing to win the last 2 games of the season to take home the Champion’s Trophy last year)? And…..going by recent league history with 4 different teams winning each of the last 4 years, it is Team Dirka’s turn….Hmmmm, maybe I should put all of my RRSP account on the Vegas line for Team Dirka to win in 2016….. its a sure thing! right?

Anyway, Week #6 Wednesday June 8, 2016 Kinsmen Arena

Team Jacquie (G2)  vs  Team Dirka (Shawn)     8:00pm  – 9:00pm

Team Blair (Shawn)  vs.  Team Lia (G2)     9:00pm  –  10:00pm

See you on the floor.