Another week is in the record books and another 2 games with no change in the team seeding.

In the first game, Team Blair, short benched again but with no opportunity this week to pick up any ringers was in tough right from the initial faceoff. Team Lia scored and scored and scored again, building up an early 4 goal lead before Team Blair was able to respond. Another Team Lia goal followed by a quick reply from Ian G with a sweet behind the back goal completed the 1st period with Team Lia in a comfortable 5-2 lead. In the 2nd, it was Team Lia again dominating the play and seemingly scoring at will, popping in 6 with only 1 response from a demoralized Team Blair. End of the 2nd Team Lia 11 – Team Blair 3. In the 3rd Team Lia turned on the cruise control and the teams exchanged single goals until late in the game ,when Blair was able to beat Justin for a final meaningless goal. Final score in a dominating display, Team Lia 12 – Team Blair 5. In the post game interview, Lia indicated that the display (and promise) of the _much_ smaller pink towel was incentive enough to get her players to play at the top of their games – will that be enough for future games or will the towel have to get smaller and smaller? Can’t wait to find out.

In the 2nd game both team benches were well stocked and the players were ready to rumble. Play started slow and tentative but Team Dirka scored first and the teams settled into a closely fought game, more or less trading goals for the rest of the game. Team Jacquie was experimenting with an interesting new face-off strategy – ceding the draw to Team Dirka each time? Trying to save the goal scoring touch in Team Jacquie’s sticks or dissing Team Dirka’s scoring ability by giving them uncontested control of the ball – both reasons make sense, you decide! Late in the 1st Team Jacquie’s Nate drilled this reporter square off the face mask and the rest of the game seems to be lost in ….  Scoresheets show the 1st ending with Team Dirka up by 1, leading 3-2. Teams were tied at 5 leading in to the 2nd intermission and Team Jacquie was able to score 1 in the 3rd while shutting out Team Dirka’s scorers, leading to a Team Jacquie 6-5 victory. From what I can remember it seemed to be a quick, competitive and fun game – wonder if I can find any game video?

A special meeting of the Special Russ Rule Book committee was convened at the Alibi afterwards to come up with some special secret rules but NHL blockbuster trade discussion seemed to be more important. Time was allocated for Euctace to show up and make a presentation on any proposed rule changes or interpretations or how to help make things work better but he must have been tied up drinking in some back alley somewhere. Not surprised.

At the half way point of the 2016 season, heading in to the Canada Day All Star break. 9 games done, 7+2 to go. Can Team Blair get reliable turnout and shake off this week’s drubbing? Which of Team Lia and Team Jacquie will be able to win consistently enough to pull ahead of their current mid pack location? Will Team Dirka be able to break their scoring hex and start putting their shots into the net instead of into the goalies? Can Justin maintain his domination over LMHL scorers?

Next is Week #10 Wednesday July 6, 2016 Kinsmen Arena and it is a rematch of last night’s games

Team Blair  vs.  Team Lia     8:00pm  – 9:00pm.

Team Jacquie  vs.  Team Dirka     9:00pm  – 10:00pm.

Have a safe and enjoyable Canada Day weekend and we’ll be back on the floor next Wednesday.