London Masters Lacrosse House League – May 17th update – Goalie needed for tonight

We did manage to have a good evening last week despite the single goalie situation.  I got to take twice as many shots! ( I need the practice ) 

Today’s update ( as I sit in a hotel in Wisconsin ) 

Floor time is there for tonight – please avail yourselves of this time!



  • There have been discussion on formalizing teams and bringing in refs.  To that end I am going to be getting that squared for May 31st  ( thanks for Ron and Cutch for working with us to that end )
  • There have been comments on ‘ being on the same team’ from some people in the survey – certainly reiterate any thoughts there as I am going to try and get a ‘right/left’ balance and make a post of first swag at teams in next few days to that end




  • Need to have someone step in to slap on the goalie gear tonight ( as I am out of town ) – Matt M has the bucket and gear for tonight and has agreed to bring in – but need someone to put the stuff on!   There is uppers, pants, legs – with gloves and a stick in the bag- you would need to have the rest 

Thanks and have a good night tonight, and we will see you next week!